My Passion

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I share Essential Oils!

I offer essential oils education through my training and workshops, online events, online self-care packages, hosting oils gatherings in your home or office and one-to-one meetings. I am here to be of service.

I Train and Mentor Essential Oils Coaches for Success

I mentor people who are interested in pursuing a healthful, heart-centered business through Young Living Essential Oils and I love mentoring my team members to success. Who is on my team?  People just like you and me who desire a healthy and abundant lifestyle- some are therapists, coaches, health professionals and healers- others are stay-at-home moms and corporate dads. Some pursue part-time revenue while others fulfill a passionate vocation.

I offer Intuitive Aroma-Reiki and Flower Therapy Readings

I offer distant Intuitive Aroma-Reiki session, distant Oracle Card Readings. My Reiki sessions and card readings focus on chakra healing and corresponding essential oils that may be helpful for you. 

I Educate and Train Therapists, Coaches and Healers

I facilitate online courses for therapists, coaches and healers. Courses range from 5-10 hours to full certification courses from 15-60 hours.  Through Online Aromatherapy Institute I offer courses about Complementary and Alternative Modalities, Reiki I, Reiki Master Teacher Training, Certified Intuitive Practitioner Training and Certified Essential Oils Coach Training.



About Me

I practiced counseling and psychotherapy for 20 years and for much of my professional career, I conducted online therapy. In the late 90’s I discovered the power of the internet through my search for support during my own physical health crisis.  I have sarcoidosis and in 1999 when I became ill I went on the internet to find out what was wrong with me because my doctors did not know. We have a term for that now. I was an early “e-patient” and through my personal experience, I discovered how the Internet can serve as an empowering tool along the path of self-discovery. I gained a wealth of support and knowledge that empowered me to make enhancing and holistic health choices.

I have managed my health primarily through holistic means, using complementary and alternative medicine. I have had success using many different approaches but when I discovered the power of essential oils, my health and well-being improved 10-fold! That is why I closed my psychotherapy practice so that I could focus on teaching others about the benefits of essential oils. When something transforms me so completely, as did my experience with online support so many years ago, it becomes my passion. And now I combine my knowledge of the internet, online therapy and e-learning with reiki, aromatherapy and essential oils. If it seems like a leap, it really isn’t.  I am using my skills as an online therapist to educate people all over the globe about alternative approaches, infusing oils in most everything I do.

Now I offer support to others sharing from my own journey and from my experience as a psychotherapist and healer over the past 2 decades.  The biggest leap in my vocational journey has been my move from a psychotherapist and healer mindset to the mindset of an educator, coach and mentor. And what an empowering leap it has been!




As well as a Licensed Psychotherapist, I am  a Board Certified Coach,  Reiki Master Teacher  and a Certified Angel Card Reader. Mostly, I am an intuitive guide along your journey to health and wellness.

I am a speaker, consultant, teacher  and mentor about topics related to online therapy and coaching, distant healing, energy medicine and intuition. I am passionate about essential oils. I blog about the practical and mystical.

I am also co-founder of the Online Therapy Institute offering online training, online peer supervision, resources and consultancy about mental health, coaching and technology. I am Managing Co-Editor of Online Therapy Institute’s publication TILT Magazine- Therapeutic Innovations in Light of Technology and faculty at The Institute for Life Coach Training (ILCT).


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