Learning Reiki via Distance Education

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If you learned Reiki in-person, online or through home study and would be willing to participate in a research survey, please sign up through Online Therapy Institute and I will forward information as soon as the survey is available!




There is a “great debate” about whether we can learn Reiki via distance.


I did.


And I was attuned via distance.


Distant healing. Distant attunement.


Both are meaningful and hold value, particularly for those of us who are accustomed to distant healing and healing in cyberspace.


I believe in the power of healing energy that flows despite distance and through cyberspace so much so that I am dedicating my Ph.D. research to the topic.


My official topic is “Learning Reiki via Distance Education.”


I anticipate most of my blog posts to be somewhat related to the topic as well – at least for the next little bit.  My guess is that during the time it takes me to write at least 70,000 words and 300 pages, I might have a few things to say.


P.S.  Online Therapy Institute offers Reiki Master Teacher Certification via distance learning!



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