Clinical Supervision, Training and Mentoring for LAC in New Jersey


doorThis is not my first post about my clinical supervision service.  But it is an update with some exciting news for some of you who may be interested in supervision with me.

You may know that my specialty, as the co-founder of Online Therapy Institute, is online therapy, online coaching and cyberculture.  Most who seek me out for supervision are desiring a supervisory experience that includes the use of technology and an understanding of cyberculture which includes maintaining an ethical online presence and learning to market one’s new private practice or agency setting online.  This is my area of expertise.

To further enhance the supervisee’s experience, I have developed a package that includes 50 hours of supervision per year (New Jersey requires 50 one-hour sessions that must be in-person) as well as enrollment in Online Therapy Institute’s Field Placement and Certified Cyber Facilitator program.

To summarize, this clinical supervision package includes the following:

The cost to you is $500 a month for 12 months for a total of $6000

This package purchased separately would be $8000 for 50 hourly sessions and $2600 for the credential training and field placement courses for a total of $10.600. Combining supervision and training offers a savings of $4600.

This arrangement may be made for people seeking LMHC licensure in New York or LPC lisencure in Georgia, provided the board approves of  the distance supervision plan.

This arrangement may also be considered for people seeking supervision for online services, understanding the supervision hours may not qualify toward licensure or certification in their given state or jurisdiction.

Contact DeeAnna: 877.535.3300 or ,

Read more about DeeAnna’s supervision experience and services.


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