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Introduction to Essential Oils Workshop in Chattanooga!

I hope you can join me! What will this workshop cover? During this two hour class, we will cover the basics of essentials oils, including how to choose a quality oil, how to use oils safely, and which essential oils can be part of your daily routine to support general health, emotional balance, skin care, and non-toxic… [Read More]


Wellness Office Space for Rent in Havana, Florida

Office/Practitioner space for rent! Aromatherapy Workspace is opening in Downtown Havana! Won’t you consider partnering with us? Aromatherapy Workspace is a unique boutique and wellness studio offering free community workshops, and wellness/aromatherapy classes. We are seeking like-minded individuals to join our Young Living Team. Our studio offers a separate and private space perfect for a massage therapist, nutritionist, wellness coach,… [Read More]


On Acceptance of… Others, Ourselves, Our Lives

I have been peeling back yet another layer. For those of us who have long been dedicated to our own personal growth work, we know it never ends. There is no “done” when we commit to living an authentic and mindful life. Much as I would like it to be so, “done” is just not… [Read More]

lookout mountain

Interested in Wellness? Seeking a Team Member in the Lookout Mountain Area

Do you live near Lookout Mountain? Most folks associate Lookout Mountain with Tennessee, but actually, Lookout Mountain stretches through three states- Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama. I lived atop Lookout Mountain for a decade or so and now I visit regularly- the scenic village of Mentone. It is home to my soul, for sure.  And my next visit in… [Read More]

Thieves Laundry Bombs

Thieves Laundry Bombs

Thieves Laundry Bombs are a great way to contribute to a green environment and engage in non-toxic living! All natural, these bombs are easy to make in large batches- then just toss one or two in the washer and you are set! These non-toxic laundry bombs are easy to make and easier to use –… [Read More]


Managing Lymphedema with Diet and Essential Oils

I have blogged about Lymphedema before. I blogged specifically about Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Essential Oils. Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a type of gentle massage that helps the lymphatic fluids drain properly. I receive an MLD massage at least monthly, and more often if needed- particularly after I travel by plane. I have lymphedema in my left… [Read More]

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The Aura of Essential Oils

Essential oils hold energy. They have a vibration. And so do each of us. The easiest way to envision energy or vibration is to think about an aura. Some of us can literally see auras around people, animals and even plants- an aura is often described as an energy field. Imagine that along with the… [Read More]