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EFEL gathering

Mindfulness, Community and Essential Oils

My blog reflects my love for essential oils and indicates how much the oils have become an integral part of my vocational pursuits as well! When I first embarked on this oils journey I didn’t know quite how I was going to “share” with others. Most people host home gatherings but my friends are scattered… [Read More]


Sarcoidosis…that first wet, cold day in autumn

Today I am grateful for being able to work from home. And even better? I don’t have any coffee or lunch dates scheduled either or appointments I had to cancel! I have sarcoidosis and on cold, wet days I do better to stay inside and dry. It is just the way it is. And after… [Read More]


Anointing with Essential Oils

Anointing with essential oils have long been a part of many cultures, religions and spiritual practices but what does anointing with essential oils really mean? How do we apply that concept to our everyday lives? Using the oils in this way can bring you to heightened intuition and wellness. Essential oils promote wellness on physical,… [Read More]

Mindful MLM

Mindful MLM: Direct Sales with Intention

Have you heard of COTM groups? COTM stands for Consultant of the Month. It is a concept I came across on Facebook that is a nice way to co-mingle with other network marketers. If you regularly purchase from other Direct Sales Consultants a COTM might be for you. In most COTMs the most familiar network marketing… [Read More]

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Bringing PEACE & CALMING to your rescue pets!

Have you recently rescued an animal from a shelter? Did you inherit a pet from an owner who can no longer be a pet caregiver? If that is the case, you know that rescue pets and pets who experience sudden change or a physical trauma can experience agitation and anxiety just like their human counterparts…. [Read More]